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All KG Drains staff are CRB checked

CCTV Surveys with KG Drains - Always giving optimum performance

Cheaper and easier than digging out, exposing and breaking into a drain, CCTV drain surveys are now the preferred method of investigating structural conditions. Whether you are looking to establish the cause of frequent blockages, or investigate subsidence or other structural movement, a CCTV drain survey will prove invaluable.

A premium service gets results
The standards of CCTV drain surveys vary tremendously. To guarantee optimum results we have invested in the best equipment available - a market-leading product in Germany, Japan and North America.

Expertise is just as important as equipment to getting results, so all our survey team leaders are OS20X trained. This is an industry standard set up and administered by Water Training. It provides a recognised standard of reporting on CCTV surveys and a benchmark by which all survey reports will be judged.

Straightforward, thorough reporting
All our operatives are thoroughly trained to identify clues above and below ground, and to incorporate relevant information into the report. Our reports are prepared to OS20X standards and are easily read and understood - we favour plain English over technical jargon! We aim to provide the same high standard of service to all our clients, whether they are structural engineers or homeowners.

The drain surveys can be provided in either VHS videotape or DVD format. We will include comments on the survey results and make recommendations as to the most appropriate method of repair, where it is required.

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