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Basic drain clearance
One of the key services we provide is clearing blocked drains on an emergency basis. This involves anything from unblocking main drains and sewers down to everyday domestic work: clearing drain blockages in waste and stack pipes serving baths, basins, sinks, toilets, urinals and washing machines.

Drain cleaning and descaling
In addition to basic drain clearance, we can also provide a descaling and thorough drain cleaning service. The most common cause of blockage is accumulated deposits of detergent and grease, closely followed by the disposal of inappropriate materials - sanitary products, disposable nappies or wet wipes.

More unusual drain clearance problems
Our specialised machines can deal with more unusual problems. We can clean cast iron pipes where the bore is restricted by a combination of scale and corrosion. Much of the cast iron drainage we encounter has been in the ground for many years and has probably seldom, if ever, been properly cleaned.

Where there is root infiltration of the drain, our machines can cut and remove root masses, tap roots and also fibrous roots. They can also remove excess cement jointing where it is intruding into the pipe and reducing the working bore.

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