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Take the guesswork out of drain locating Let our service do the work for you

Many of our clients come to us with the following dilemma: they've bought a property that they want to develop or extend, but they have little or no knowledge of the drain layout. There's no visible indication on the property of the location or route of the drains. How do they find them? The answer is simple - our drain mapping service.

Drain mapping and drain locating

Tracing the route from above ground

All that is required is an entry point where a mouse can be introduced into the system. It's then tracked from above ground with a CAT scanner, allowing the mapping of the route of the drain. Depending on how extensive the system is and how much information is required, further investigation may be necessary. But by establishing a basic map of the drain, KG Drain Services offers you the first key step towards further development.

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