Leak Detection

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Find the exact location of a leaking pipe.

Most people have encountered a leaking pipe in or around their property at some time in their life but not knowing the exact location of that leak is even more frustrating. By using the most sophisticated equipment, we are now able to locate a leaking pipe, saving on expensive exploratory excavations and dismantling of property looking for the source of the leak.

Methods of detection
Hi-Tec listening device are used to trace even the smallest of leaks from below ground. The device is placed above the presumed run of the water mains and detects any escape of water by low frequency noise emitting from the leak. The listening device is designed to ignore any false readings from wind rain or traffic, therefore able to work in all environments. Once the leak has been detected, the water will be turned off to confirm the noise detected is in fact that of a leaking pipe.

Where leaks are suspected behind voids or in ceiling, we use a flexible camera that can be threaded through a small hole to locate the location of the leak. This can be very useful when access is needed to repair the leak. By locating the leak with the camera, we can then advise on how best to repair the leak causing the minimum of damage to the property as possible.

Thermal imaging
Thermal imaging is useful when trying to locate a leak in heating systems or blockages in heating systems. It is also used to detect leaks in underfloor heating pipes.

Swimming pools
Swimming pool leaks are quite common occurrences and can be expensive if the home owners are connected to water meter or the escaping water undermines the foundations of the property by being located inside or close to the property foundations. By using our range of leak detection equipment and drain cameras, we can locate the leak and offer a solution to the repair.

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