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Tanker Services offered by KG Drains

  • - Cess Pits
  • - Septic Tanks
  • - Inspection Chambers
  • - Bio disc Treatment Plants
  • - Pump Stations
  • - Basements
  • - Petrol Interceptors
  • - Lift Shafts
  • - Cable Ducts
  • - Drainage Systems
  • - Two number Suction Hose for CCTV Surveys
  • - Grease Traps
  • - Soak-aways

Waste Removal
Our entire fleet of tankers consist of jet vac units capable of gulping out and high pressure jetting at the same time, therefore cutting down on the cost of having to send two vehicles when high pressure water jetting is needed. This gives us the capability of dealing with almost any drainage emergency.

The fleet contains various size tankers from small non HGV units capable of getting into tight spaces, where the larger units are unable to fit, and larger volume tankers to remove waste bulk. We are able to gulp out single inspection chambers to large 10,000 gallon tanks in one visit.

Waste Transfer Notes
All collected wastes are taken for disposal, to licensed disposal sites which are environment agency approved and monitored and our units have twenty four hour access to these sites. For non standard wastes such as oily water, special conditions apply. We require twenty four hours advance notice, to book the waste into one of the specialist disposal sites. There is specific paperwork required for disposal of oily wastes in addition to the normal waste transfer notes. Copies of the appropriate paperwork is left on site at the time of collection. A copy of the disposal certificate will be forwarded with our invoice, for your own records as proof of correct disposal. A copy of our current waste carriers license is available on request.

Low Emission Zone
All our vehicles meet the LEZ requirements, therefore we are able to carry out works in the London area.

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